The Summer of Great Memories with Printable Summer Activities Bucket List

We are just over a week in our Summer break, we don’t have any summer travel planned and my kids are bored. I’m trying to get done all of the things I wasn’t able to tackle during the school year. It’s 110 out so needless to say the kids aren’t interested in playing outside.

My energy level on a scale of 1 to 10 to entertain my kids is a 1. So I’ve decided that I need to put forth the effort and make this a summer of great memories by creating a summer bucket list.  Now the list isn’t long – (ain’t noboby got time for that) but I did want to create a list that gave us great memories.

Summer Activities bucket list

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The Ultimate Bucket List for Couples

Being a one income family prevents us for doing a lot of fun filled activities. We tend to put things on the back burner and the next thing you know we’re getting ready to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary and we’ve never taken any anniversary trips.

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