How to Start Couponing Part 4

Welcome back to Part 4 of our How to Start Couponing series.  If you are just now joining us be sure to check out  Part 1 How to Start CouponingPart 2 Finding the Deals and Part 3 How to save without printing coupons.

Today post is going to show you several ways to get coupons.  You may have heard me tell you these ways before, especially if you’ve followed some of my other series.  These are  the best way’s I’ve found in getting coupons.

1st – sign up with newspaper.. if you live here locally just email me and we can get you signed up to receive additional sunday newspapers for less than $1.00.  I get a total of 5 Sunday papers.  A huge savings to our $3.00 Sunday papers.

If you don’t live in the Las Vegas are you can still take advantage of discounted newspapers..

Newspaper Subscription
2nd – If purchasing extra newspapers are not within your budget.  Take a walk around your neighborhood and scope out who gets the Sunday Paper.  Take you’re coupon insert and knock on the door and introduce yourself and ask them if you can have their coupons, if they don’t use them.  Then each Sunday, head out early, grab the coupons from their papers.  A great way to save money and exercise too!

3rd – Get coupons HERE on my website.  You’ll have access to print all available coupons online.  You can print most coupons twice – so if you have a desktop and laptop that would give you 4 coupons.  Save on ink by printing in black and white.

4th – Participate in Coupon Swaps , post and ad in Craigslist.Org or Freecycle.Org, ask family, friends, neighbors and co-works for their coupons.

5th – Make rounds at places such as Coffee houses, McDonalds, Hospitals and other places you know that sells the Sunday Paper.  Lots of time you’ll find people leave their papers for others to read.  You can also approach and ask people reading their papers if they use their coupons.

6th – Hit the Recycling Bins in your neighborhood.  Beware of this, some properties consider this trespassing.  But if you live in communities like mine, we have our own recycling container that we put out on the curb each week.  Take some gloves with you and walk your neighborhood.

7th –  If need be order coupons on line.

Choose whichever method that’ll work for you!  The key is getting multiple coupons.  This way you can increase your stockpile at the lowest price possible.

I’ve just given you a lot of information in a short period of time.  Don’t feel overwhelmed.  Couponing is fun!  If you have questions, ask!  I’m here to help you.  Strive to Save 50% and work your way up from there.

Couponing Newbie to Pro.. Never Extreme

With Extreme Couponing making it’s way back on TLC this season, I wanted to share with you how long I’ve been couponing and what it was like to start out new to the level that I’m at today.

I’m just shy of  3 years since I started couponing.

I remember the first month…  that couponing wasn’t an easy task to learn.

I remember being frustrated about ensuring the price was right.  I remember getting flustered at the check out stand, giving the wrong coupon or not reading the terms of the coupon.  I remember buying the item anyways because I was embarrassed to admit my own mistake.

I remember not knowing what was a good deal and being coupon shy about carrying around my binder.

I remember getting burnt out really quickly because I was chasing every deal.

and the thing I most of all remember how excited I got with my savings!

Fast Forward…

I still coupon today, but I am not frustrated, I know what a good deal is, I am not embarrassed when I make a mistake or taking my coupons to the store.  As a Pro.. I still at times make mistakes and read the coupon the wrong way.  I don’t chase every deal like I used to and I still enjoy my savings!

Couponing is what you make of it.  Stockpiling is a great way to save and I recommend it to everyone.  Why pay full price when you don’t have to!  However, don’t get caught up in the Extreme Couponing shows.  I don’t know why they call it a reality show because in reality couponers don’t shop like this.  5 minutes of fame and 1000 coupons later give you Extreme Couponing.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting articles to help those intrigued with extreme learn the true art of couponing.

The 8 Stages of Couponing

There are several stages of a couponer

1.)  The hesitant couponer – There aren’t any coupons in the paper for products I need.

2.)  The leary couponer – I’ve tried couponing but I don’t see how using a $1.oo coupon really saves me money.  Yes, I saved $5.00 off my transaction today, but the time to clip the coupons wasn’t worth the time.

3.)  The newbie couponer – Just getting started, trying to wrap their brain around all of the techinques of couponing

4.) The excited newbie couponer – Wahoo!! They get it and they are off to run and do every deal possible and could become an extreme couponer

5.)  The burnout couponer – Who feels couponing takes up too much of their time and considering quitting.

6.)  The hang up their scissors couponer – The couponer whose quit, cancelled their papers and is done, no more clipping coupons.  

7.)  The go back to couponing couponer – I’ve been spending too much money, I need to get back into couponing, but needs motiviation.

8.)  The laid back couponer – Not an everyday deal chaser, limited stockpile, can say no to an extremely hot deal.


Which stage are you in?


Walgreens Newbie Scenario

If you are new to couponing and need some step by step scenarios, each week I’ll be sharing with you a few scenarios of what I would purchase to get started at Walgreens.

I’ll give a maximum of 3 scenarios, this way you don’t get overwhelmed.

You’ll spend a total of $7.99 OOP, not including your tax.  Example in Nevada our sales tax is 8.1%, so my overall OOP cost will be  $9.45 ($7.99 plus $1.46 in tax).

I’ll get $17.99 in merchandise and I’ll have $7.99 to use going forward on my future transactions at Walgreens.

Transaction #1

Buy One T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel $4.00
Pay $4.00 OOP, plus tax, Get Back $4.00 in Register Rewards.



Transaction #2

Buy One Lanacane Maximum Strength Anti-Itch Cream $5.00
Use $4 Register Rewards from Transaction #1
Pay $1.00 OOP, plus tax, Get Back $5.00 in Register Rewards



Transaction #3

Buy One Complete Multi Purpose Solution $7.99
Use $1/1 Coupon from 4/29 SS.



Walgreens system is a bit tricky when it comes to coupons.  You can only use one coupon per item. Since we have the $1/1 manufactures coupon and the register reward from transaction #2, both coupons are considered manufactures coupons.  Causing the register to beep, not allowing the transaction to go through.  Therefore we need what is called a “filler item”.  We can add any item, and even use a Walgreens coupon item.  Walgreens coupons are store coupons and  the register will allow it to go through.

I try and look for useful items as filler items this way I’m not throwing away my money.  So this week I chose the Hydrogen Peroxide.  It’s 2 for $1 with Walgreens in-ad coupon.  You’ll need to present this coupon at the register to get the discount.


In addition to the Complete Multi-Solution above…
Buy 2, Hydrogen Peroxide $1.00 with in-ad coupon
Use $5 Register Rewards from Transaction #2
Pay $2.99 OOP, plus tax, Get $7.99 back in Register Rewards



Recap:  All these items were free, all you paid was tax.  You spent $7.99 out of pocket and you have $7.99 to spend on your next Walgreens trip.

Then next week, we’ll roll our Register Rewards for even more savings.


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