How to Save at Winco – 3 Tips You Want to Remember

How to save at Winco is a question I get asked often since Winco doesn’t have any sale ads.

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Very rarely does Winco advertise.  So I have to run to their store to find the deals.   However after consistently shopping at the store I’ve found a few ways to really save.  It comes down to shopping on the fly.  You never know what’s going to be on sale, so when you shop @Winco you want to be prepared to do just that.

When you first enter Winco you’ll pass the Wall of Savings — they usually have some great prices on items but some of them aren’t so great so be cautious when heading down this path.

My first real stop is the produce section. Our family eats lots of fruits and vegetables and if it weren’t for their amazing produce I wouldn’t be in the store every week.

Tip #1 – Take a look at all of the produce and don’t limit yourself on one type.

Our favorite apples are the red delicious apples. But they may not always be the cheapest. I will buy the cheapest apples available and each week changes.  For Example this week sale was on Braeburn apples at $0.58 a pound.  Red Delicious apples are being sold for $1.19 a pound.  By choosing a different brand I can get twice as much.  I’ll follow this method with the other produce I buy too.

Tip #2 – Walk around the store looking for their price shocker sales.  These are amazing deals.  You can also find great deals on their Extra Savings tags too.

Winco Chicken Breast

Then I’ll head to their meat department and I’ll look for ways to save on meat.

Tip#3 Look for meat on clearance.

Be sure to look around at everything. The most obvious one is the yellow tag on the meats that say reduced. But at times they’ll actually change the price tags and they’ll just have the reduced price.

How to Save at Winco


And If I find a really great deal I’ll stock up on as much as I can, as long as it’s in my budget.

When you discover these deals, be sure to build up your stockpile.  Stocking up when items are at the lowest are key.

If you follow these 3 Tips on How to Save at Winco, you’ll won’t be disappointed and you’ll definitely score some amazing deals.

How do you save at Winco?


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