5 Ways Using Clicklist Can Help Control Your Grocery Budget

Does your grocery budget need some discipline? Do you need an easier way to stop impulse buys and stick to your list?  Well then I have the solution for you….. ClickList!

budget groceries made easy

What is ClickList?  ClickList is Smith’s Food and Drug new online shopping system.

Check out my previous article and video on how to use ClickList

In the meantime let me share why using ClickList can help you control your grocery budget

5 ways using ClickList can help control your grocery budget

  1. Shop from items you buy often.  Once you sign in you’ll see your favorites items, which are based on your frequent shopper card.
  2. Using your menu planner, it forces you to create a shopping list.
  3. No more impulse buys.
  4. Know exactly how much you are spending.  This is great for those on Dave Ramsey’s cash only program.
  5. Coupons available right at your fingertips.  No need to clip coupons anymore.  Just click to load it to your frequent shopper card.

ClickList is simple to use.  Head on over to Smith’s Food and Drug to log in.  ClickList is also available at Kroger and affiliate stores.

Plus since I teamed up with Smith’s they are giving MomsLifeboat readers the opportunity save $5.00 off your next ClickList order.  Just print this coupon and give it to your ClickList associate.

This is a great way to start and stick with your grocery budget.  Comment below and share with me ways you budget for groceries.

Saving on groceries without coupons

Saving on groceries without coupons

Today I went shopping at Winco with fellow blogging buddy Billie, from Frugal Ferret.

I had No list, No ideas on what I wanted to buy.  I just knew that I needed some stuff for dinners and school lunches.

I don’t normally advise that you shop without a list, but in this case it’s works better if you don’t because you are just shopping for deals.

I wanted to show everyone how it’s still possible saving on groceries without coupons.

Here’s a picture of all the things I picked up minus the pizza.  I forgot I put that in the freezer.

Saving on groceries without coupons

Original Price of Meat = $62.10, Clearance and Sale Price = $34.36. Total savings 55%.

Saving on groceries without coupons

Plus I was able to divide a lot of the meat, giving me more meals to work with.

Fruit and Veggies = $21.83

Saving on groceries without coupons

Pizza $2.88 each.  (We usually get pizza once a week for $5.55 each.  Overall household savings $2.67 each)

Saving on groceries without coupons

I also picked up some miscellaneous items

Sandwich bags $0.98 each for 100 and Rubbermaid Bottles $2.71 each.  Not really saving now on the bottles, I just really liked these tops. It’ll be easy for the kids to use for their school lunch.  Savings will come in with not having to buy bottled water or drinks.

My total cost was $75.11, before tax.  Comment below and let me know how you think I did on

saving on groceries without coupons?

And… if you want to check out some amazing coupon and price match savings, check out  Frugal Ferret.com and while your there guess the price for your chance to $10.00 Fast Cash!!



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