Square Foot Gardening

I’m a little behind with getting my garden together.  I was hoping to have it done a few weeks ago.   What?  A garden in Las Vegas are you crazy?

Gardening in Las Vegas is possible, even with our extreme heat.  The issues most of us face is with our property.  We often don’t have enough space.  I grew up moving a lot being an Air Force brat, and my parents never gardened.  To me, I imagined gardening in rows, with lots of land, until I came across square foot gardening.

When I started square foot gardening I made lots of mistakes and am still making mistakes with gardening.  Each year though, I’m getting better. It’s a learning process and  If you’ve been looking to garden, whether you have land or not, square foot gardening is simple to get started with.

Check out this book:  I wish I would have read this before I got started.  I read it afterwards and it gave me lots of information to use.  I know use it as a reference guide.

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