52 Week Savings Challenge {Week 6}

52 Week Savings Challenge Week 6, Welcome back!  If you are just joining us, visit 52 Week Savings Challenge Week 1 to catch up with us and get started.

52 week savings challenge


Wow!  Week 6!  It’s time to deposit $6.00 into your savings fund.  Making your total month to date $21.00

Need to find $6.00?  Here are a few ways to get your money back.

Grab  printable coupons and save when you head to the store.

Make a frugal meal for the week, such as my Chicken and Potato Soup.  This is an  inexpensive recipe, that will give you  plenty for leftovers!

46 more weeks to go on the..

Comment below and share how you would save $6 in this weeks 52 Week Savings Challenge? Plus shout out your saving total?  Are  you at $21 or more? Also do you have a picture of your savings?  If so, email me a picture and I’ll share it with the readers!

Next week we’ll be adding $7.00 toward our savings fund.

Want to see what’s ahead?  Go here to get the 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable Form.

Did you miss week 5?  Get caught up by reviewing the post:  Week 5 – 52 Week Savings Challenge


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