Spending Quality One on One Time With Your Kids is Important

Being a mom is hard, that’s no secret. Being a mom with multiple kids just adds a little more crazy to the mix and with that brings extra challenges.  One of the challenges I think moms of many, including myself, face is finding the time to spend quality one on one time with each of their kids.

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5 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Child

How to spend quality time with your child.  You don’t have to do much or even spend a lot of money to spend quality time with your child.  Just spending time with them is important.  I’ve put together a list of 5 ways to spend quality time with your child.

Spend Quality Time With Your Child

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How to Parent a Child When Parents Don’t Play Nice

How to parent a child when parents don’t play nice is something we had to deal with the other day.  We were at our boys championship baseball game and one play had a parent outraged!

How To Parent a Child

Last week, my boys had their championship baseball game.  It was an intense game, bottom of the 5th inning and our team was up to bat.  We had 2 outs and bases were loaded.  Our batter ran to first, the first baseman caught the ball and would have gotten him out.  However the first baseman took his foot off of the bag.  The outfield umpire called him out.  Our coach disputed it and the infield umpire agreed with our coach and called our player safe.  This decision was huge because it brought 2 of our players home, putting us in the lead.

The parents on the other team were upset, but after the decision was made and the game went on most of the parents let it go, except the parent of the first baseman.  He was outraged!  He walked over to our side of the dugout and started yelling at our kids telling them how much they sucked!   After doing that he was removed from the field for the remainder of the game.

Our team ended up winning the game.  My boys being very excited that they won, couldn’t celebrate.  They were frightened.  They felt that the angry parent was going to come hunt them down and kill them for winning the game.

I can’t believe the action of this parent!  It’s a little league game with a bunch of 9-10 years old!  Instead of being able to celebrate they were fearful and I had to think of how to parent my child when parents don’t play nice.

Communication was key!  I asked my boys, the following questions:

Why do you think the adult acted this way?

Do you think it was appropriate?

Then I explained that just because someone acts out in anger, doesn’t necessarily mean they intend to hurt us.  

I also encouraged them to continue to do what they love.   

Then we talked about how to treat others with kindness and respect

and we finally talked about forgiveness.  Teaching the kids that we should forgive, just like God has forgiven us.

I got my kids calmed down and excited about their accomplishment.  It’s terrible that we even had to get to this point because of one’s parents ignorance.

Have you ever come into contact with a situation like this?  How did you deal with how to parent a child when parents don’t play nice.


Paying For College Isn’t the Parents Responsibility

Paying for college isn’t the parent’s responsibility in our family.  At least that is how we are starting our trend since our oldest child is graduating this year, her college education will be her responsibility.

paying for college, college education

The reason why we will not be paying for college is simple.  We cannot afford to take on a new debt.

I don’t know how or when it started.. but people assume that as parents we should automatically pay for our children’s college education and I’m here to say I don’t believe this to be true. Here’s why!

In our current situation, we are not debt free and we did not plan accordingly to start a college savings fund for our children.  Should this be our child’s fault?  No, but does that mean I’d feel differently if we had the means to pay for it.  Absolutely Not!  

I can’t tell you how many people I know, whose parents have handed over sums of money or took out loans to help their children pay for college to find out their child lacked motivation, never graduated and they were left with the crazy bill.

Since birth we‘ve been assisting our children with their education and I feel that it’s time for them to take the next step on this important journey on their own.

If I don’t pay for their college education I feel that my children will…

  • Work harder because it’s their own money 
  • Continue to look and put effort into scholarships, getting better grades
  • Be more motivated to graduate, knowing they are responsible for their debt.

My job going forward is help them make a plan, give them options and provide encouragement to help them succeed.

If they succeed and accomplish their goals, then… the fun begins.  I would love for it to be a surprise and take over their loans or help make double payments and payoff the loans faster.

As parents, with debt, do you feel you should be paying for college?


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