Spring Garden 2012

This will be our 3rd spring since I started my square foot gardening.

Spring one, I planted way too late for our dessert heat. My soil was packed as hard a clay and nothing thrived. However in the fall, I loosened the dirt and we actually did pretty well with our tomatoes.

Spring two. We built more boxes added new dirt and decided to try the square foot method of planting. I had good luck with cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, eggplant, beets and some jalapeno and banana peppers. Tomatoes were alright we got enough to eat in occasional salads and even make a few batches of salsa. We also made out with 2 watermelons.
It definitely wasn’t enough to justify all of our hard work in getting the boxes built etc.. We even had a few issues with tomato rot. As for fall we planted turnips, carrots, beets and radishes. We weren’t consistent with watering so the plants seemed to stay alive but dormant.

Spring three. You are probably thinking that I should give up now.. Heck no! I’m even more excited for this year. My wonderful husband is getting into gardening with me and we, put in a drip system..

Now with our drip system in our vegetables are getting consistent watering.  So far it’s made a HUGE difference, just in  the past two weeks my fall vegetables have started to take off.  And I have stuff popping up from last season.

We’re trying a bunch of different tomatoes this year along with some bell pepper, jalapeno, habanero, anaheim peppers, watermelon, zucchini and spaghetti squash and eggplant. We also planted tomatoes in all 4 beds to see which ones will thrive the most and to get an idea of where our plants thrive the most.

Each year is getting better and we are learning from our mistakes. Don’t be afraid to garden. Start off with something small and go from there.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  As long as you are learning from them it’ll make you a better gardener.  2 years ago both of my thumbs were black, they are yellow now..

Here’s a look at our garden a month in.  We bought 1″ in plants and a few gallon plants.  So far I’m really liking the gallon plants for early spring.  They seem to be doing the best.

That crazy thing in the middle is Swiss Chard.  Prior to the watering it wasn’t more than 2 inches tall.  Now it’s crazy!

This side of my garden gets a bit more shade.  This side will thrive when the summer heat hits.

Are you a desert gardener?  Are you having success with your garden?

MomsLifeboat ~ Las Vegas, NV
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