How to Shred Chicken in Less than 3 minutes

How to Shred Chicken in Less than 3 minutes, especially when your chicken is steaming hot.

How to Shred Chicken

I buy a lot of chicken in bulk.  It’s a great way for me to save time and money.   What I’ll do is cook most of my chicken at once, this way when I go to make dinner I can make it quickly.   Having shredded chicken on hand only takes a short time to defrost it in the microwave and I can usually have dinner prepared in less than 20 minutes.

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Zaycon Foods Chicken Review Plus How to Store 40lbs of Chicken

One of the ways I save time and money is buy buying in bulk, through Zaycon Foods. zaycon foods   The ordering process is really simple, you just order online and you’ll drive to your designated location to pick up.  At you’re location, you’ll drive right up to the refrigerated truck and show your confirmation and they placed the box of chicken right my car and I drove off. Buying 40 lbs of chicken may seem pretty scary to most people because it just sounds like a lot of chicken to freeze and your afraid you don’t have the freezer space.  We’ll to my surprise it took up very little space, I would compare the space to be around the size it would be to store a larger 20-25lb size of a turkey. Here’s a look of the 40lbs (minus 2 breasts) in my deep freezer.

zaycon chicken

I didn’t just store my chicken raw.   I actually cooked up most of my chicken by grilling and shredding some of the cooked chicken as well as storing the chicken broth.

Check out my video and see how I prepared and stored my 40 lbs of chicken.  Just don’t judge the video.  I made this video a few year back.

I love the simplicity of Zaycon Foods. Their prices and quality are amazing and they don’t just sell chicken.  They have lots of goodies available, such as ground beef,  honey, bacon and so much more.

Sign Up with Zaycon Foods

One of the ways my family saves is buy purchasing items in bulk.  Especially when you find a great deal.  With Zaycon foods I get to do both.

zaycon foods

How does Zaycon Foods manage to provide such high quality super fresh meat and produce to its customers at such low prices? The answer is strength in numbers. And not our numbers, yours!

Zaycon Foods can sell its products at bulk rate prices to individual consumers and families because our unique sales event business model brings lots of people together, adding all their purchasing power into a combined bulk food purchase. And when you buy as part of a group that’s committing to such a large purchase, the power is in the hands of the purchaser! It’s the ultimate group buy in terms of both price and consumer empowerment.

Zaycon Foods

You can pre-select exactly what you want to order from a given Zaycon sales event – sometimes you may want to stock up on our amazing meaty back ribs and sometimes it might be all about the Zaycon bacon – and then, on the day of the sales event, you and a whole big bunch of your neighbors will find yourselves in a nearby parking lot watching as an entire tractor trailer’s worth of high quality natural food is unloaded into all of your cars! You will be amazed at how quickly one of our refrigerated trucks goes from being filled with natural, fresh chicken or hundreds of gallons of grade A non-homogenized milk to being empty and back on its way to the farm!

Zaycon Foods

A Zaycon Foods truck sales event often lasts less time than you would spend on a trip to the grocery store, yet you will leave with a whole lot more food than you’d get at the market, and for much better prices, too!

When you use the Zaycon Foods sales event as your preferred place to purchase meats, milk, and any of our other fine products, you get advantages even beyond the bulk pricing that comes with our special sales model. You also have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re going to get! A trip to the grocery store can involve wasted time wandering around looking for various foods spread out across the store; at a Zaycon Foods parking lot meat truck delivery (or milk or berries or fish delivery, too!) you have pre-ordered your foods, so all you have to do is show up and wait for our friendly staffers and volunteers to load up your car. 

Also, unlike in the grocery store, the prices you will pay for a Zaycon Foods product are locked in on our website, so you will know how much you are going to spend before you have committed to a purchase.

At a supermarket, you might pay one price for chicken on one day, and then a higher price on another day. With Zaycon, you decide that you want to order a case of our fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts, you check the price and then you commit to it, knowing that from that moment on, we are committed to getting you your fresh, natural food!

To Get Started Click on this link  Events are happening right now such as their 93/7 ground beef event along with chicken tenders.  Be sure to register today!

5 Tips On How to Save On Meat

How to Save on Meat is often a question I get asked.   You rarely find coupons for meat purchases and it’s something many households purchase often.  Saving on meat at the grocery store isn’t the only way to save on meat.

How to save on meat

I’ve got 5 Simple tips on How to Save on Meat

  1. Buy Meat when it’s on sale and stock up!  
  2. Buy in Bulk.  Zaycon Foods is one of my favorite ways to bulk in bulk.  Their prices are very competitive and it’s simple.  Right now you can pick up Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast for $1.79lb.  For the chicken you have to buy in 40lbs increments but don’t let that frighten you.  Check out my youtube video Freezing and Storing Chicken in Bulk
  3. Don’t be afraid to buy clearance meats.  Many grocery stores will clearance their meats 1-2 days before they expire just to ensure they alleviate the stock they have on hand.
  4. When using meats, especially in dishes like casseroles, soups, etc.  Use half of the meat it requires.  With those types of meals, you won’t miss it.
  5. Do you have a Meat Grinder?  If not you may want to invest in one.  Especially if you like lean meats.  Rather than paying $4+ dollars per pound for 93/7 ground beef.  You could get a great deal on a Sirlion Tip and grind it yourself.

Comment below and share your tip on How to Save on Meat.

How to Save on Meats

Zaycon Foods 93/7 Ground Beef Event Happening Now in NV

It’s not too late too order your Zaycon Foods 93/7 Ground Beef!  You do have to purchase the items in a 40 lb case, but each case has approximately 4 separate containers of 10lbs each. This would be easy to split with some family or friends if you feel 40lbs is too much for you.

Zaycon Foods 93/7 Ground Beef


Zaycon Foods  93/7 ground beef is super fine and is $3.29 a pound.  Which is an amazing deal because extra lean ground beef is expensive.    For the same quality the price at Winco “on deal?”  was $4.38 for 1 lb.  For the cheaper 85/15 quality it’s normally about $2.89-$2.99 a lb.  But for $0.30 more.. I get a heck of a deal!

Zaycon Foods 93/7 Ground Beef


We go through a lot of ground beef in my family (we have a family of 6), therefore I purchased 2 cases this time.   I’m super excited for this deal! I can’t wait my freezer is going to be stocked up!!  Just so you know, I am not an affiliate with Zaycon Foods, all opinions in this post are mine.  I’ve purchased from the before and was extremely happy about the deal I got and the quality.  This is just one of the ways I reduce costs within my household.  At $131.60 for a 40lb case, yes it’s a lot but in the long run I’m saving $88 dollars by buying in bulk.

Go HERE to find out more about Zaycon Foods 93/7 Ground Beef Event!


Raw Clover Honey – Zaycon Foods

Zaycon Foods is offering Raw Clover Honey!

This clover honey is a light colored mildly sweet honey and has been packaged in a 1 gallon pail, containing 12lbs of honey.  Each pail is weighed to ensure that you get everything that you pay for and possibly a little more.

Orders are now open for Las Vegas, North Las Vegas,  Henderson and Boulder City.  Orders must be placed by March 18th and is scheduled for pickup on March 22nd.  Mesquite is also available for a March 21st pickup date.

The cost is $69.00 for 2 gallons and since they come in 1 gallon increments this would be easy to split with a friend.

To learn more about their Raw Honey and see their suppliers website click the link below.

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