How to Tell if an Egg Is Good or Bad

How to tell if an egg is good or bad is pretty easy.  All you need is water to check and with one simple technique you can easily tell if your egg is good or bad.
How to Tell if An Egg is Good or Bad

I buy a lot of eggs.  Usually I’m grabbing about 5 dozen at a time or if I find a sale I’ll stock up and buy even more.  We don’t always go through our eggs quick enough.  Some months are quicker than others.  But since we buy so many at a time I want to ensure I’m always using a good egg.

Here’s how to tell.  Grab your sink, bowl, jar whatever and add water to it.

Place the egg in the water .  If it sinks to the bottom it’s a good egg.  If it floats to the top it’s a bad egg and shouldn’t be consumed.

How to Tell If an Egg is Good or Bad

That’s pretty simple huh!  Now you’ll know how to tell if an egg is good or bad.  No more guessing and no more wasting money throwing out good eggs!

Are you planning on making some hard boiled eggs soon?  If so, be sure to check out my post on using the oven baked method.

Do you have a different method on how to tell if an egg is good or bad?


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