Ways to Save on Meat

Save on Meat

The other day I purchased some center cut pork chops.  In the package there were 6, 1 inch pork chops.  With their being 6 of us in the family, that’s one pork chop each right?

Wrong.  One of the ways I save is by stretching my meals as far as I can.  Meat can be very expensive and it’s amazing at how much we can overspend, by thinking this way.  In the past I would have cooked all of the pork chops and served one to each of us.  Not only were we overspending, we we’re overeating too.

What I did was cut the pork chops in half and malleted them into thin slices.  I marinated half of them and made  kabobs out of the other half.  Of course, this is just one way to save on meat.  There are several different ways you can stretch your meat.  So next time your’re looking to save on meat, don’t just save on the price!  Consider saving on the quantity too.  If a recipe calls for 2 lb of meat, reduce it down to 1 lb and instantly you’ll save 50% off of your meat.

 Save on Meat

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  1. That is great advice. For the longest time I was doing the same things with Chicken Breasts, not really thinking that my kiddos are little. I have come to the conclusion that for my family of 4, I can make 2 chicken breasts and that is great for the whole family.

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