Zaycon Foods Chicken Review Plus How to Store 40lbs of Chicken

One of the ways I save time and money is buy buying in bulk, through Zaycon Foods. zaycon foods   The ordering process is really simple, you just order online and you’ll drive to your designated location to pick up.  At you’re location, you’ll drive right up to the refrigerated truck and show your confirmation and they placed the box of chicken right my car and I drove off. Buying 40 lbs of chicken may seem pretty scary to most people because it just sounds like a lot of chicken to freeze and your afraid you don’t have the freezer space.  We’ll to my surprise it took up very little space, I would compare the space to be around the size it would be to store a larger 20-25lb size of a turkey. Here’s a look of the 40lbs (minus 2 breasts) in my deep freezer.

zaycon chicken

I didn’t just store my chicken raw.   I actually cooked up most of my chicken by grilling and shredding some of the cooked chicken as well as storing the chicken broth.

Check out my video and see how I prepared and stored my 40 lbs of chicken.  Just don’t judge the video.  I made this video a few year back.

I love the simplicity of Zaycon Foods. Their prices and quality are amazing and they don’t just sell chicken.  They have lots of goodies available, such as ground beef,  honey, bacon and so much more.

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